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Only for Apple. Sigh.

So.  Amazing looking new digitzed works available from the British Library. With a catch.  You have to use an iPad, iPhone or iPod to view them.

Well, this is annoying.  Because why would I want to be able to look at The Luttrell Psalter, William Tyndale’s New Testament or Sultan Baybar’s Qur’an on the large monitor on my desktop (hooked to a Windows PC) </sarcasm>?

Following the links to the site turns up the following comment from the FAQ:

“Why is this just for Apple devices?
We believe that, for now, the iPad and iBooks combination provides the best way to experience these amazing books. We’re keeping a close eye on both the Kindle, Android and Windows tablet offerings, and when something compelling emerges, we’ll support it.”

On the other hand, the Royal Manuscripts catalog, also from the British Library, is at least available for Android as well as Apple.

Either way, they don’t mention desktops.  And I’m sure that my Windows 7 tablet could, from a hardware point of view, display the works just fine.  But I suspect that it has to do with maintaing control over the images rather than my viewing experience and Apple’s restrictive tendencies work well for that.

The pretty:

Luttrell Psalter

Luttrell Psalter on iPad


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