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Link roundup

Bits and pieces:

A Day of DH 2 – Scheduled for March 27. They’re inviting people to document what they do in DH. More information at their wiki.

Detailed account of the design process for a book about Canadian artist Doug Wright.

Post from the U of M library about the cost of academic journals. The cost of journals is a hot topic, and has been for a while.

So… what are your options if you don’t want to wait for a dead-tree journal to accept your article? Chronicle of Higher Ed on “‘Predatory’ Online Journals (For access with your Wayne ID click here.)

Alternative dissertations:┬áNick Sousanis at Columbia Teacher’s College has apparently had a comic book project approved for his dissertation. Not a dissertation about comic books, but a dissertation in comic book form. Interview here and blog here. Of note – he mentions the importance of his time in Detroit in his development as an artist.





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